Talking Community Outreach with NOLN – Podcast

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Since Lucas Oil Center opened its doors over ten years ago, being involved in and helping out the community have been key parts of who we are. Each year we participate in or host several community outreach events. As time goes on, our commitment to giving back only continues to grow.

“We want to turn around and give back to the community that supports us all year long” – April Maxey, Operations & HR Manager

Recently we were given the opportunity to sit down with The National Oil and Lube News (NOLN) Podcast and discuss how we come up with our outreach program ideas and why being involved is such a priority for us as a company.

“We try to focus on [programs] that we feel will connect with our customers and our community the best” – Chris Payne, Marketing Manager

As a media source focused on oil change and quick automotive maintenance shops, NOLN was familiar with Lucas Oil Center’s outreach efforts and was interested in hearing more about them from some of the people most involved. Co-owner and co-founder Bill Floyd, operations and human resources manager April Maxey and marketing manager Chris Payne were happy to share what goes into the decisions behind our give back events and what others can do themselves to get started on their own programs.

“Not only have [our programs] been valuable and good examples to our employees and community, we’ve made a difference in people’s lives” – Bill Floyd, Co-Owner and Co-Founder

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