Nitro Wash Reopens with Improvements

Since opening over a decade ago, the Nitro Wash at Lucas Oil Center East has been a big draw for customers. Being able to get a quick oil change and then also being able to get a car wash on the same property is a convenience many people appreciate and make sure to take advantage of. The Nitro Wash team is sure aware of how popular this convenience is too as on any given day you’ll find the team busy at work hosing cars down on their way into the wash tunnel.

But with the Nitro Wash being so popular, wear and tear are inevitable, especially over several years of use. While many changes and regular upkeep have been constants, eventually some bigger work is needed to keep the Nitro Wash at peak performance. That’s why from April 23-26 the wash was closed to undergo several key improvements.

While many of the changes made may not be noticeable, they all go hand in hand to keep delivering the high quality wash experience that the Nitro Wash has become known for. A large portion of the improvements made were the less noticeable type as they were performance based. However, several cosmetic changes were also implemented at the same time to give the Nitro Wash a bit more pizazz.

The new wash track being laid into place.

The largest update made during the closure was the installation of a new wash track system. The previous track (shown in one of the gallery photos) served us well over its run but it became time to replace it with a new track which will provide a smoother ride through the wash tunnel. Some other performance improvements made were the installation of a new tire shine station and a couple new motors including one in the dryer tunnel. In addition, some maintenance work including oil changes to all of the pumps and air compressors and cleaning of the cloth mitters was done to make sure things run smoothly.

Some of the more visual improvements made were the installation of newly designed wash feature signs as well as the addition of LEDs in the dryer tunnel creating a more colorful and engaging wash experience.

New LEDs light up the dryer tunnel for a more visual experience.

Once everything was completed the Nitro Wash reopened on Thursday, April 27. We’re excited to see you again and be able to continue being the best car wash in town and the place where you get your car washed.

And while these improvements will last us for some time, don’t worry as we are always on the lookout for ways we can continue to improve.