Employees of the Month | March 2023


The Employee of the Month Program aims to acknowledge employees who go above and beyond in their service and exhibit exceptional work, a positive attitude, and a supportive demeanor. Lucas Oil Center is proud to acknowledge the employees of the month from both East side and West side locations along with the Nitro Car Wash at our East side location.

To be selected for this recognition, employees must meet standards in four key areas: Attitude and Commitment, People Skills, Work Performance, and Personal Traits. We felt that these people exemplify these qualities, making a positive impact on both our customers and their co-workers.


Lucas Oil Center East March 2023 Employee of the Month, Kodey Snyder, Lube Technician

Kodey Snyder is a recent hire but has already been described as a hard worker with a positive attitude by his co-workers and managers. Everyone enjoys Kodey’s fun personality and calm and collected nature and says he’s great to work with. He’s also a very fast learner and always eager to learn more.

Kodey takes direction well and is willing to do whatever’s asked of him. He’s rolled with the punches the past couple months as we’ve gone through some changes in the company and hasn’t let that distract him at all. The east side managers see great potential in him and his future here and we can’t wait to see what’s in store as well.


Nitro Car Wash East March 2023 Employee of the Month, Gracie Garrett, Wash Technician

Gracie Garrett has been with us since she was in high school, and she’s only continued to grow and mature during her time here. She is always smiling and doing whatever she can to help out, and has been cross trained in multiple positions within the company making her a valuable member of our team.

Our Nitro Wash team relies on Gracie in several areas including filing paperwork, back-office organization, and many other important tasks. Her spicy personality makes her unique and she won’t let her co-workers forget to “dot the I’s” or “cross the T’s”. Gracie has a big heart and cares deeply about people, but her best quality is her love for her baby. She is an amazing mom and while there are times she has challenges, she never lets it disrupt her work or performance. We are blessed to have watched Gracie’s journey thus far and look forward to watching her continue to grow in life and with us.


Lucas Oil Center West March 2023 Employee of the Month, Tabitha Brown, Service Desk Representative

Tabitha (Tabs) Brown started out as a Wash Tech at the Nitro Wash but very quickly moved to a lead position. With her excellent customer service skills, she was eventually moved into a customer service role at our west side location where she seems to have found her home within the company.

Tabs’ co-workers describe her as a hard worker, always willing to jump in and help in any role, not just the service desk. She is dependable, always on time and ready to work the moment she walks in the door. Tabs takes excellent care of our customers and our crew, and we are so glad to have her as the face of our west side location. Keep shining bright, Tabs!