Employees of the Month | August 2022

The purpose of the Employee of the Month Program is to recognize employees who have served in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. Lucas Oil Center is proud to honor this month’s employees of the month from our East side location, our West side location, and our Nitro Car Wash.

Employees who are chosen for this honor must meet certain criteria in four categories: Attitude and Commitment, People Skills, Work Performance, and Personal Traits.

Under work performance, we look at the following:

  • High overall quality of performance
  • Accurately completes work duties
  • Controls high stress situations tactfully and calmly
  • Takes initiative
  • Requires little supervision
  • Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities
  • Ability to train others and gladly willing to do so
  • Pays attention to the details, no matter how big or small they may seem

We felt that each one of these people exemplifies these qualities, making a positive impact on both our customers and their co-workers.

Lucas Oil Center East August 2022 Employee of the Month, Jaxson Holder, Lube Technician.

Jaxson Holder is our newest employee at Lucas Oil Center East and although he is new, he has earned the respect of all his co-workers and Manager. Jaxson is described by every person who nominated him as a hard worker. He is a great teammate and always willing to help out the shop in anyway he can. He has a great attitude and doesn’t let anything bring him down.

Even in the chaos of a hectic day, Jaxson remains calm and keeps a smile on his face. To round out his qualities, he is very knowledgeable in cars and has a passion for the automotive field. His excellent leadership qualities will no doubt give him a bright future with Lucas Oil Center. Keep it up, Jaxson!


Nitro Car Wash East August 2022 Employee of the Month, Brooke Malone, Car Wash Manager.

Brooke Malone was nominated by her employees and boy did they have some awesome things to say about her! Brooke is described by her employees as determined, hardworking, fun, and loyal. You will see Brooke in her visor running around the Wash or Lucas Oil Center property engaging with customers, fixing any problems, getting dirty in the track maintenance, and pulling weeds.  Brooke takes great pride in her work at Lucas Oil Center and is always keeping the property looking immaculate.

Brooke is described as an awesome boss who is not only a great leader but who truly and deeply cares for her employees. One employee said she has not only helped him to be better professionally, but also better in their personal life. Although it is a company joke that Brooke would be late to her own funeral, she never hesitates to stay late to get the job done. She has even been known to work overnight on maintenance to make sure the wash is opened and operating for customers the next morning.  We are so blessed to have Brooke and look forward to many more years celebrating her success.

Lucas Oil Center West August 2022 Employee of the Month, Noah Jones, Lube Technician.

Noah Jones has been nominated for the past several months and finally won for August. Noah has been described by his coworkers and Manager as passionate about his job, excellent in customer service, and a great teammate. Noah is very customer oriented and understands the importance of professionalism in the workplace.

Noah is a fast learner, extremely intelligent, and offers a very knowledgeable skill set. Noah is eager to learn and hungry to grow in the business. He is always respectful in the shop and shows great leadership potential. He is a great example of hard work, positive attitude, and drive. Keep it up Noah, we can’t wait to see where your future with Lucas Oil Center lands you!