Couple Commemorates Wedding Day with Lucas Oil Themed Décor

Lucas Oil Wedding Décor

Last August, someone reached out to us with a bit of an odd request. They wanted to know if we could give them a few small oil containers, minus the oil. To most people this might seem strange. Why would you want an oil container without the oil? But to Kendra Bertoti, empty oil containers were exactly the thing she needed.

The bride, Emily Bertoti, and her son, Lucas

Emily Bertoti (Kendra’s daughter) was set to get married in October. Like most mothers of the bride, Kendra was helping out with the wedding. Emily’s then fiancé, Shawn Meloni, was an avid dirt bike rider and, since meeting Emily, had passed his passion on to Emily’s son, Lucas. Together Emily, Shawn, and Lucas had been to Lucas Oil dirt bike tracks multiple times. Shawn even popped the question at a race! This history gave the mother of the soon-to-be bride an idea.

The bride and groom dancing at the wedding

Kendra figured with how much dirt bike riding had been a part of the newly engaged couple’s time together that she would make chocolate lollipops in the shape of a dirt bike rider in action to acknowledge that history. But she needed something to hold the lollipops in on the dessert table. Then she thought why not use some empty Lucas Oil containers? It made perfect sense with the dirt bike lollipops, and the time the couple had spent at the Lucas Oil tracks. And to make it even better, her grandson and son of the bride was named Lucas. So it was clear that this was the way to go.

One of the holders for the lollipops featuring the Lucas Oil Center logo

So she found Lucas Oil Center online and reached out to see if we could help her with her idea. Once we heard the story we were more than happy to help. The wedding was being held in Pennsylvania where the family lived, but we didn’t let distance stop us from making this happen. We reached out to Lucas Oil Products, and they sent us a few empty Lucas Low Viscosity Stabilizer cans which we packed up along with some Lucas Oil Center stickers and sent them on their way, and Kendra worked her magic to do the rest (with a bit of help from her husband too).

The Lucas Stabilizer can turned lollipop holder

After all was said and done, the final product turned out pretty well, and the newlyweds and Lucas enjoyed it. Congratulations to the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Meloni on behalf of all of us here at Lucas Oil Center. We were happy to be able to help enhance your special day. It’s like we always say, “We’re not just changing oil… We’re changing lives”.